Do you think Liam overstepped boundaries?

I was appalled at the way "Liam" was asking "Finn" about Steffy. Finn told Liam

a number of times that he couldn't discuss his patient with him, yet Liam kept on.

I'm surprised Finn didn't get stronger about it, especially when Liam asked if he was interested in Steffy beyond the Dr/patient relationship. In real life, this conversation would never have gotten this far. I think Liam needs to mind his own business. Do you think he overstepped boundaries?

Ohh...also, I think Liam is getting rather 'chunky' looking too.

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    Yes, its time that he move on and worry about hisown family. Thomas is right Steffy is a grown woman and she can take care of herself. so what if she falls in love with that doc.

    Its about time these couples move on and choose new partners..getting tired of these back and forth relationships. The same goes for Ridge and Bill with Brook. Maybe its time Brook move on too

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