Do i submit this travel plan to visa officer???

I'm going to apply for one week tourist visa, i'm thinking to include a travel plan with my visa application

i prepared this travel plan in word, It has 7 days activities from one destination to another. It has maps & pictures of destination. i explained my tour plan day-wise activities with Maps & Pictures.

My question is that, do i include this tour plan along with my visa application , Some people say it will make your application doubtful. Whats your opinion regarding this.


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  • 1 month ago

    They do not want to waste time looking at maps and photos.

  • drip
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    1 month ago

    Include only what they ask for.  I can not believe they are going to want charts, maps and pictures of what you are going to be doing each day,  

  • 1 month ago

    Can i add three tourist destinations in a day??? in one city.....

  • hihi!
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    1 month ago

    The tour plan needs only "Moscow, St Petersburg, Murmansk" and your round trip ticket. Insert your planned cities. (unless you plan on Moscow, SPB,  and Murmansk)

    The visa authorities don't care what you do in your travels.

    >a word of advice. Don't try to pack in too many activities in each day. ONE major thing will usually take a day. Of course there are exceptions.

    EDIT: Depends on the city transport how close attractions are. How fast you move around. AND HOW CLOSE THEY ARE. I use Moscow as an example. because l visited there a few times. Red Square. 15 minutes will get a few pictures and record 2 minutes of the clock about to chime... chiming. Photo Lenin's mausoleum, going in will add 1/2 hour. Run to McDonalds to eat I HIGHLY RECOMMEND RUSSIAN (столовая Cafeteria "sto LOW vah yah")  well l'm already sending you to Moscow... sorry. BUT IN A HURRY THE GOLDEN ARCHES OR KFC ARE TIME SAVERS. Go to metro 30 minutes of walking and riding and you are at a museum. 2 hours there to see Ramses ll. And leave. Then 45 minutes on the metro plus walking and another hour in Gorky Park. Possible yes fun NO!! 

    We tried 2 to 3 things in Beijing (Peking) and I quickly learned ONE spot a day was really enough. There was always our evening in the night market as the second event. We lived NEXT TO Tiananmen Sq. BUT NEVER WENT. So many other places...

    If you are alone and just wsnt to photo things, you may move about faster. But to eat the local foods drink the local drinks and SEE the museums, go up the Eiffel Tower, stroll the city, meet real people... time can fly by. Look at google directions. Count walking time, bus or metro time, and add time you wish to spend there. You can get an idea of time needed. 

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