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Why do people hate suicide victims ?

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    5 days ago

    well, I can't point out a specific ''reason''

     but, inasmuch as it's true... it's the ultimately lame and lousy hate  such people.

     unfortunately - we don't need unduly hate...

     at times it takes much less  than this ( such as unawareness- along with either bullying or shaming or whatever else) to get someone towards the '' end of his/ her rope''

  • para
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    5 days ago

    because most of them are male - the same reason they want to commit suicide in the first place. America is a country rich in misandry, starting with the mass sexual torture and mutilation of newborn baby boys.

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  • Anonymous
    2 weeks ago

    "Someone will always be there to care about them, but they don’t care back at them. They’re willing to put the people they love through the pain of losing a loved one."

    The thing is, there are cases when nobody cares. Most likely that person tried to communicate but failed to reach those people "who care so  much" but they are always busy.

    As a suicidal person myself. I think people suck. Show me that you care BEFORE I jump. A short message every once in a while, if you care so much. that's nothing. But a lot of people don't even realise how quick time flies. For you it's " we've just met a few days ago"

    In reality we haven't talked for 3 months. 

    If you live together with someone, and you don't notice little things about the other person that they are changing, you don't love them and when they commit suicide, it's a pain of losing someone as you feel guilty being a selfish asshat. 

    Also, I don't think people hate them, they hate when someone is selfish enough to jump in front of a train, not thinking how that effects on the train diver, or the possible thousands of people who get stuck on other trains as traffic stops. 

    good day everyone!

  • 1 month ago

    There was an idiot and his wife that jumped off the Bay Bridge a few weeks ago. She was successful, he wasn't. He was turned loose and tried again several days later. He had traffic tied up on the bridge for almost 24 hours the 2nd time before climbing down. The cops should've given all the motorists turns throwing rocks at that fool. Now...I feel bad that the couple thought things were so bad they had to end it all, but.. They could've taken a bottle of sleeping pills and split a gallon of bleach while sitting in a chair in their back yard. They never thought about anyone but themselves. Appointments were missed, jobs lost, and who knows what else happened because of them. I'm not saying I "hate" them, I'm just saying if you're going to do that, think of the people that you will affect before you follow thru with it.

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  • Anonymous
    1 month ago

    Who is the "victim" of suicide when the person committing suicide is the "perpetrator"? 

    Suicide is a "victimless crime".    

  • 1 month ago

    For those who knew the person who committed suicide, often it's not so much hatred for the decedent, but the act which they consider betrayal. These people now have to live with the memory of the suicide, instead of how much that person meant to them. They simply cannot get the act and more specifically, the method of suicide out of their minds. 

    I've never known anyone personally who has committed suicide, but I have known of a few who where in other cliques of friends. Both men and women. I got a chance to speak to their friends who told me they felt betrayed, not knowing things had gotten to the point of suicide. Why didn't this person get help or ask their friends for help? Some stated that they hated the person for not going to them for help, but not that they carried any hatred for the person personally. 

    I honestly feel bad for anyone who does commit suicide. I've seen so many folks on shock sites who have recorded their suicide, and somehow it got posted on the Internet. What's weird is how it doesn't matter that I had no idea who this person was, but how I wished they had asked me if this final act was the answer to their problems. 

    No matter how brutal the method, I wish I could've been there to stop it. But, sadly, stopping it one day won't prevent it the next for so many people. It's a decision that's been made, and one where it's not if, but when it's going to happen. 

  • 1 month ago

    It is not nice but true any negativity toward suicide victims is because they failed.

  • 1 month ago

    I don’t know probably because of trolls like you being a wankstain to humanity with your weird questions 

  • Anonymous
    1 month ago

    Because they’re cowards. People always have struggles in life, but ending it all forever and not facing it is cowardly. Someone will always be there to care about them, but they don’t care back at them. They’re willing to put the people they love through the pain of losing a loved one. You’re born to live a life. Live it. 

  • Anonymous
    1 month ago

    lack of understanding. Being in emotional pain is not fun.

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