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Why is my vagina uneven?

The inner “lips” are uneven. One side is longer than the other and is slightly bigger. It’s even a bit darker than the other side. Is this abnormal?

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    --  All humans are not symmetrical and that even includes the Labia Minora (inner lips).

    -- It is not your vagina.  The vagina is the internal organ of the GENITAL (or VULVA), and is used for sex, birth and menstruation.

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    No it's not. My god, you better hide!

    Source(s): I'm jus' messin with ya! The human body, male or female, has slightly larger parts, on the dominant side (so if you're 'right-handed, that means your right side). So as we all have two ears, two nostrils etc, ones right foot for example may be slightly longer than the left. It's entirely normal. And you should celebrate being you with all your character-creating inconsistencies cherished for being what makes you you.
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    That is absolutely  normal

    Source(s): MD
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    you are standing on one leg to look at it .....................!

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    The labia or “lips” can come in a variety of shapes, sizes, colour and texture and all variations are normal. Not every vulva (not vagina) is the same. Most women's labia aren't perfectly symmetrical. Some women might find that one is slightly larger/longer than the other, which is nothing to worry about. A lot of women worry about how their genitals don’t look “normal” but there is no such thing as normal because everyone is different. I suggest you take a look at the The Labia Library which has some really good information and advice. It also shows you how the female genitalia can differ from person to person.

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    as long as a penis will fit, its ok

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    No person is symmetrical. Normal.

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    Why do dogs have spots and people freckles?

    The human body is far from 'perfect'.  All this mask wearing made me aware that my ears are different distances from my nose.

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    you need to ask your doctor this question

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    It's totally normal.

    Our body is not symetrical.

    We all have eyes, ears, breasts etc that are different size. Sometimes it is more noticeable than others but it's totally normal. 

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