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What to do in a fall risk situation for epileptic cat?

I know that normally i shouldn't interfere while he's having a seizure but what if he starts having one when he's up on a high level and it becomes a fall risk? He also has anxiety so i got him a massive cat crate with different levels of perches and stuff and this hasnt happened yet but incase it does while he is on the top level and could break a bone if he fell, what should i do?? 

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  • jean
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    6 days ago

    is he on epileptic medication? maybe put some bedding or pillows on the floors of the cat crate where he might fall

  • 6 days ago

    I have never dealt with seizures in cats but I would think you need to take him down. You don't want to interfere unless its necessary for his safety and if hes up on a shelf its definitely not safe for him. Just be careful so you don't get bitten. 

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