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Is it true that lawn equipment is becoming battery powered? ?

I heard from department store associates that the lawn equipment is eventually all gonna be battery powered and that petrol is phasing out 

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    For smaller homers battery is fine.  But larger yards and landscapers need gas.  so no.

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    The market is improving for light use homeowners. As a pro i can’t get rid of my gas powered equipment. 

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    Some is already battery operated, for smaller gardens. I have a battery operated strimmer for my fairly small garden in southern England.   Most people around here have mains electrical (corded) lawnmowers, and there are plenty of battery operated systems in the shops now.

    Petrol will still be  needed for very large areas, at least for some years.   Environmentally it is good to reduce the use of petrol as much as possible.

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    More and more, yes.

    I have a gas-powered leaf blower, but I just got a battery-powered chainsaw, and it's great - very powerful. 

    If I had a ton of work to do with it - i.e. was a professional, I might still lean towards the gas-powered, but for a homeowner, the technology has really progressed. 

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  • 3 months ago

    Almost true. Batteries are more powerful, so battery equipment is more popular. Recently I tried to buy a hedge trimmer from the local supplier. They tried to sell me a battery powered Ego, telling me it is a powerful as petrol. 

    I went somewhere else and bought a petrol powered Shindawa instead. 

    Batteries are the future for most home owners though. 

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    it might end up being all battery after a while

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    Fossil fuels will never be phased out until we run out.  But I will admit that battery powered lawn equipment has come along way and has earned it's place in the market.  

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