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Have people finally figured out that religion should be a private matter instead of a government matter?

I'm talking about have people actually gone to right libertarianism. I agree with private businesses having the right to deny services but I'm not for religion being forced into law. In my state of Indiana pretty much like a couple of years ago we allowed alcohol to be sold on a Sunday. This was indeed religious ideas being forced into law and I'm sure blue laws still exist this also didn't allow private businesses to sell freely. Alcohol is against Christianity if you get drunk on it so I don't think religion should really have a say in something that's against their religion. We have come a long way from same-sex marriage and I also think we can agree that marriage is a social construct because of marriage tax allowance and that government really shouldn't have any real control over marriage. But yeah it's also like how would you feel if Jews could make laws banning shellfish and pork because you wouldn't like it. Religion is indeed a private matter if you believe it then practice it on your own time and don't try to force it into law. Freedom of religion should also mean if I don't believe I don't have to follow it. So have religious people finally realized this or do we still have a long way? Gen Z is more right libertarian and they are also considered the gay generation because they did a survey and found that like 89% are hetrosexual but they have like almost 100% of support I same-sex marriage. So if not now then soon right libertarian will be popular.


What I'm basically asking is, if religion is still being forced into law? Abortion I don't really care about considering the evidence shows that abortion is actually bad and women do suffer from depression and have higher suicide rates. So I wouldn't consider abortion a religious matter it is taking away the possibility of a life.

Update 2:

Murder and theft. I can agree that it shouldn't happen to me so why should it happen to anyone else. Even as a Buddhist my only rule is don't murder. I'm also talking about right libertarianism which is why Trump won he didn't try to force his religion like Ted Cruz did. This is what right libertarians like Ben Shapiro and Steven Crowder say.

Update 3:

Why am I a pedo?

I could make the same argument about that religion in Colorado that do child marriages because it's their religion.

Children can't consent and you do have a right to teach kids about your religion but they won't fully know if they want to be apart of that religion.

So I say if a child doesn't want to be apart of that religion don't force them.

This is what the Amish actually believe that children can't consent to religion.

Update 4:

You can openly speak your religion in public but not a lot of people will really care.

Update 5:

Like Ben Shapiro says you should probably find a different reason besides religion because people won't really listen.

Update 6:

You all pretty much did prove my question. Religion still wants to control the government. As a libertarian I am against that and I'm for personal freedom.

Update 7:

Which yeah the founding fathers intended for religion to be a private matter. They even said the United States is not a Christian nation. And the 1st amendment also proves this when it says Congress shall make no law respecting or establishing a religion.

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    As the founders intended with the Constitution. 

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    WHAT IS GOD'S KINGDOM? The Kingdom of God is a heavenly government. It will replace all other governments and will cause God's will to be done in heaven and on earth. The news about God's Kingdom is good. Soon God's Kingdom will satisfy man's need for government. It will unite everyone living on earth Read Daniel 2:44; Matthew 6:9,10;24:14. A Kingdom must have a king. Jehovah appointed his Son, Jesus Christ, to be King of His Kingdom. Read Revelation 11:15.  For more information JW.ORG.

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    We’re a secular nation and religion should be kept private . No discrimination by companies that’s illegal . If you support it your a nazi

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    You support the evil you want, and I'll promote the good I want.  That is how our country works.

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    Any religion that is private is a false religion.

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    God judges nations in the bible

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    For a lot of people, murder is against their religion; same with theft.

    So you are saying that all should be a private matter instead of a government matter?

    Or are you saying that you should be the one to determine for everyone which matters are purely religion and which are purely government?

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    moral decay is the sign of a nation falling.  that happens when the love for God is replaced by the love for money.

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