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What age did your child self-wean ?

SELF-wean, like quit on their own ??

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    Completely stop nursing?   Anywhere from two and a half to three and a half years.  Wean as in start solids?  Anywhere from six months to just over a year.

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    I didn't wait for my child to "self-wean".  (but I was also not breast-feeding.  I was bottle feeding)

    My older daughter stopped using bottles at about 14 months.  She had already been eating solids (baby foods) from the age of five months and had been learning to use sippy cups since the age of nine months.

    My second daughter stopped using bottles at about 12 months.  Same timeline for eating solids and using sippy cup as the first child.  

    My first daughter also never used a pacifier.  And I only used a pacifier with the second daughter for the first six months and then weaned her away from that.

  • edward
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    He was like a year old.  And we weaned him off the breast at 6 months and started pumping because it was just easier for everyone.  He drinks cows milk now.  But self weaning is something that likely doesn’t happen

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