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Will my genital warts come back?

I had a bad case of genital warts after being sexually assaulted

It took over two years to get rid of them as I kept getting new ones, but they ve finally gone!

Ive heard they can come back!

Is there anything I can do to help prevent this? Is it likely they will? 

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    So, like most warts, they are caused by a virus, and I'm assuming you know this because you got HPV. It's very rare for genital warts to just appear out of nowhere with no known cause. Did you get tested for that, and HPV was the outcome? Did you get any prescription meds for them at first? 

    Since they are caused by a virus, there is no known cure. Viruses lay dormant in your body and can come back when your immune system is at its worst. You could get warts when you get a cold, flu, or are stressed out beyond belief. They could NEVER come back at all. It depends on how well you take care of yourself and how strong your immune system is. For an easy example, I will use cold sores. Cold sores are also caused by a virus, more commonly known as herpes. Many people get cold sores; I am also one of them. Doesn't mean we're dirty, horrible people. I took a drink from a person who was on the brink of getting one, so I got it. Oh well, crap happens! Anyway, my main trigger is the sun. I cannot ever have my lips bare outside if it's a sunny day, and the hotter it is, the more at risk I am. Stress is another one for me. So when my lips hit the sun, and/or I'm super stressed out, the virus that has laid dormant for a while will resurface and show its ugly little face on my lip. 

    Some people get a cold sore once, and ONLY once in their life, never to have them again, but they still have the virus. Some people get one every few years (me), some people get them once a year, once a month, etc. Some people have them nonstop for years, then for whatever reason, they up and disappear. Viruses are weird like that. Also, don't assume every little bump, itch, etc. will be warts, or your mind will manifest them because you're stressed out. I swear, one time, I did will a cold sore to come on just like that!

    What you can do is remain calm, keep yourself clean, have SAFE SEX and don't be afraid to tell your partner, and pay attention to your triggers should you get another outbreak. Don't ever feel like you're dirty or gross; you have no earthly idea how common warts are, my dear. My best friend gets them, for crying out loud. We have commiserated together on my cold sores and her warts for YEARS, and we're both in loving, long term relationships with no issues. Don't feel ashamed. 

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    Is there anything I can do to help prevent this? Nope.  For some they never come back, for others they never clear up, and then for others still, they are somewhere in the middle. Once you have that strain of HPV, you alwasy have it, and your immune system either keeps it suppressed or it doesn't.  Things that weaken your immune system like illness, stress and such, can trigger outbreaks. No one knows how this will play out for you, good luck.

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