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If it will be 2024 before a COVID-19 vaccine is available for all then are we going to be on all these shutdowns for 3 more years?

I heard on CNN that it is 2024 before a vaccine is available for all. Does this mean no public sporting events for 4 years? No school for 4 years? No family gatherings for 4 years? 

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    Looking at history you can pretty much see how viruses behave if you look at the 1917 Spanish influenza it lasted for about two seasons and it went away all by itself most viruses do exactly that. People can help the coronavirus go away by backing off from each other's bodies and staying backed off from each other's bodies quit with the premarital sex quit with the sharing of the joint and the crack pipe and the other drug paraphernalia. And in just a short time the virus will go away.

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    The first vaccines will be available once they have successfully managed to scare everyone into total panic and rush to buy whatever crap they want to sell them. Which, is, of course the reason this virus was released in the first place. 

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    Only if the Dems win.

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