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Why Do Mothers Shun Children They Dont Like?

When I was younger, I was a bit absent minded and a late bloomer in alot of areas. But I always was fascinated with God and loving people. No matter what friend I ever made, their mothers couldnt stand me. The only two mothers that seemed to not ostricize me were very poor and humble.

I want to believe the rich women could have been out of touch, or maybe more healthy minded, or what? It really hurts me knowing these women still till this day (15 years later) give me dirty looks and block me on Facebook when I add them.

I was adventerous but I was a good kid overall. I was usually the one encouraging their kids not to do bad things, and to teach them what I knew about the Bible...

Now Im a mother and theres a kid across the street who is rude and a bit pushy and selfish, so I dont want my son being around him, but I still wave and never give dirty looks. And I understand he's just a kid, and will grow into a good man one day when he balances those traits out. Im those mothers ages now, but I have a heart it seems, when they didnt... or maybe Im missing something?


I understand they havent seen me in close contact for years. I guess I was trying to relieve myself from the pain of rejection as a child by feeling as though I have become the better person and they were and are not. Thanks for helping me articulate guys.

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    So you apparently grasp how parents wish to protect their children from bad influences, but you still don't understand you developed a reputation as a poor influence in your younger years that you still have today.  Just because you have changed, doesn't mean everyone is aware your change has occurred. You may see that selfish pushy child's potential but until that potential comes to fruition, you too will seek to keep that child away from your own, and from yourself.  And because you now choose to separate yourself from that child, the chances of seeing him change are smaller.

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    You’re deeply religious.  I’m slightly religious, but i feel the same way the mothers do about jahovas witness’.  “Don’t try to shove the bible down my throat, you are preaching to the choir!” Most of my friends have parents who go to the same church as my family does...religion is there but He isn’t always on my mind

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