Can you explain the license required for the Winfield Racing School formula 4 intensive training course?

So I'm 14 and I am starting karting next year ( due to covid). I have been looking for Racing Schools to help me get into the Formula Racing world. I recently found a course from Winfield Racing i France that I found suiting for me and I got confused when they spoke about a valid license/participating title that agrees with their track requirements. I tried googling it but not a lot of people know much about this school since it closed and reopened. I decided to take the course in 2021 ( I'll be 15) and will move to France in 2022 to compete in the F4. If anyone knows anything about this license it will be really helpful to me... 

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  • 4 months ago

    I'd imagine you'd need a basic Driving Licence but why not contact the people running the course, and ask.

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