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Was Empress Matilda the most powerful woman in English history?

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    Empress Matilda/Maud was not the most powerful woman in history.ย  Elizabeth I and Queen Victoria were more powerful Queens. Margaret Thatcher was more powerful then Empress Matilda.

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    No she was a failure she was never crowned in England and she ran away to her Husband in 1148

    Bodecca had more power and the Iron Lady was more p[owerful

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    Thatcher has had the most power in England. She could count on Reagan's approval and assisting in military matters if needed. The two combined military forces, along with her ability to mobilize them, makes her England's most powerful women.

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    No, Matilda, also known as Maude, is considered a marginal figure in English history. Elizabeth I and Victoria had greater impact on Great Britain than Matilda.

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    Not even close. Elizabeth I was one of most powerful English monarchs ever. Defeated the Spanish Armada and ruled successfully for so long that her reign was something of a Golden Era. The Empire was founded and the country prospered. As a monarch, the last of the Tudor dynasty, she encouraged major cultural changes like the English Renaissance and stabilised the religious chaos caused by Mary I.

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    Victoria ruled 1/5 of the world's land and 1/4 of the population, at a time when Britain was the richest and most powerful nation on the planet.

    So no, not even close.

  • No. Matilda was one claimant to a rather insignificant throne. I would argue - much as it pains me to do so - that Margaret Thatcher was probably the most powerful woman in English history commanding an unassailable majority in Parliament for a significant time, during which England was influential on a world stage and she used her political power to lead innovative and lasting change.ย 

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