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How do you go without condoms in a relationship?

My boyfriend has wanted to stop using condoms for a while, and since I'm on birth control to regulate my periods anyways there would be no pregnancy issues

but how do I know he doesn't have an STD and doesn't know it? Maybe from a previous encounter or something. He has never mentioned any STD before but still. I'm not sure if its okay to ask him to get a blood exam and I don't want to seem distrusting and I want to trust that he is conscience enough to have had safe sex before.

How have people done this? I'm pretty sure most people don't ask their partners to get STD tests before deciding to stop using condoms or having kids or something, they just trust each other. But what if they don't know they have an STD to begin with?

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  • Both of you should get tested for stds before you stop using condoms. A full std screening is more then just a blood test. It's okay to ask him, let him know you're concerned about stds. He may also ask you to get tested. If either of you have had previous relationships where condoms weren't used, both of you should get tested for stds. Also make sure that your relationship is monogamous, that he can commit to only having sex with you while you're together. 

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    If your relationship is mature enough that you can consider stopping the use of condoms then you can go together to a doctor or sexual health clinic and both be tested first.

    This is a reasonable, sensible and mature action.

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