What are all the kinds of GAMES?

I asked this question a while back, but no one answered it because it had a typo in the question. I've fixed the typo for all your spelling police.

Like, I know a lot of video games, but its hard to figure out what kinds of games there are, especially if they are games i've never played.

I am making my own game and it's is going to be about all of the different kinds of games that there are. So what are all the kinds of videogames out there? Mario is a jumping game, Forza is a racing game, Fortnite is a fighting game, but what else is there?

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    I remember your question before, I didn’t answer it because it’s difficult to really pin down how many kinds of games there are, because there’s so many constantly being made. Each year steam has more games coming out and weirder ones are getting more popular, like a game where you’re a goose and the goal is just to steal things from people’s yards. Also fortnite isn’t a fighting game it’s a shooter, fighting games are like street fighter or mortal kombat. And the genre of games that Mario is part of is called Platformer. There’s also Horror, RPGs and Western RPGs which are very different, Simulators, Twin Stick Shooters, Strategy games, Party games, Card game games and probably way more that I’m not thinking of right now.  

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    You have the internet, don't you? Google "types of video games" and you'll find out everything you could ever want to know. Like this article: https://www.idtech.com/blog/different-types-of-vid...

    Which breaks games down into 9 types: 

    Action games

    Action-adventure games

    Adventure games

    Role-playing games

    Simulation games

    Strategy games

    Sports games

    Puzzle games

    Idle games

    And then breaks each type down further, like Action games being platformer, shooter, fighting, stealth or survival, or Role-playing games being MMORPG, roguelikes, tactical, sandbox, etc. 

    Or there's this article: https://www.tomsguide.com/us/gaming-glossary,news-...

    Which categorizes games as Action, FPS, God game, Indie game, JRPG, MOBA, MMO, point-and-click (which I've seen called a HOPA for "Hidden Object Puzzle Adventure"), RPG, RTS, TBS and 3rd person shooter. (Definitions are in the article.)

  • what else,  are you kidding me? lolz...

    Elite dangerous              MMORPG  4x   sim fps  rpg  

    Civillization            tbs 

    Forza H4                           crap open world arcade racer

    Forza Motorsport 7                          simcade

    Assetto Corsa Comp                     Racing Simulator

    assassins creed                              RPG

    Hitman                                    stealth em up

    cuphead                           platformer

    Efootball PES Madden AO tennis etc                                 (sports simulators)

    final fantasy                                   RPG

    Microsoft flight simulator    Flight simulator  (obviously)

    Battlefield/COD                                FPS

    Command & Conquer                        RTS

    Arma 3                                   Military Simulator

    etc etc etc etc.....why don't you google and find out yourself,  it's really not that difficult..

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