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Isn’t a person still an Incel if all he/she can get is No-Strings-Attached sex and not any meaningful relationship?

In this day and age, anyone can get sex if they REALLY wanted and persisted. Even an ugly, poor, unhygienic, disabled man/woman can get sex from another ugly, poor, unhygienic, disabled man/woman. There are tons of smartphone apps to help you connect with anyone for quick sex. In the worst case, you can pay a man or woman to have sex with you. They are cheap and readily available.

If the only thing a person can get is sex with some random stranger but is still lonely at home without any stable partner to share their life with - aren’t such people still incels?

If not, what’s the name for such people?


@ Anonymous - I am talking about promiscuous people who can’t get any meaningful relationship but call others “incels” because they don’t want to be promiscuous like them.

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    I only have sex with women if we’re months into a romantic relationship so being a guy in my early

    20s with a body count under 10 is “incel” to a lot of people. 

    Bare in mind its also a political blanket used by the left and right to personally attack one for having an opinion about the opposite sex that doesn’t compliment their political agenda. It has about 100 different definitions and I wouldn’t bother even trying to understand them. 

    I’m a father yet people insist I’m an incel even acknowledging my child and just telling me I “hate women” only because I’m on a “dry spell”. 

    For instance I could talk about the justice system giving women more lenient sentences and apparently I’m sexually frustrated. 

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    "Celibacy" refers only to sexual actively (or more precisely a lack thereof). It doesn't mean someone who can't get into a relationship. 

  • Anonymous
    2 months ago

    I thought the definition of an incel was someone who couldn't get sex. You are talking about someone who can't find a meaningful relationship, and that's a whole lot of people.

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