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Would transferring music files from phone to computer county as downloading?

I have some music on my phone that I would like to transfer onto my computer but I share this computer and I am not allowed to download music. Could I transfer the files from my phone to my computer? Would that be downloading?

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    Transferring files from your phone to your PC is "downloading".  But probably not the kind that you are restricted from doing. 

    Anything that moved files from one device or location to another is a download.  But usually what they restrict is copying files from the Internet to your phone or computer. The restriction is usually on use of the Internet and not on the moving of the files.

    You can move the files from your phone to your computer by using a USB cable.  Hook the phone to the PC, open a window so that you can see the content of the phone, find the folder with the music.  Copy to a folder on the PC.

    You have "downloaded" (copies or moved) the files from one device (phone) to another (PC).  But you did not use the Internet so it is not a violation of a restriction on "dopwnloading" files from the Internet.

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    Hi. LOT of confused people answered this question. Think of downloading in this situation as referring to someone else or their devices, as in the term "downline" is used to refer to a set of people who handle or receive an item from another source.

       The term downloadinv does NOT apply to making a backup copy of the material to another device legally  owned by the same person. There may also be a seperate copying fee if You're changing the media type it's stored on for playback purposes - as in converting an MP3 to be played on a CD boombox, but that's not what You're asking about.

       Otherwise, most lehal copyright allows You to create a backup of the material e en if it's designed to be used on a "proprietary device" that may use specifuc media cards or their own storage types.

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    The term download was used to denote copying of files from an internet or network source. Data comes from a remote computer and passes through one or several servers before reaching your computer or device. 

    That was before. Today, most of the uninitiated use the term download loosely. What's in your phone, you can copy to your computer. No problem. You may not be allowed to download (from the internet) but nothing was said about copying, right?

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    i think you need to understand the reason WHY they don't want you downloading. is it because it would use internet bandwidth?

    in that case it wouldn't matter as transferring from phone does not use internet.

    if it is because they don't want the computer filling up, then you still shouldn't do it, because it will definitely take up space.

    if it is another reason, you should find out why.

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    Yes. The term downloading is used to define moving a file from one tethered or connected computer to another.  Since your phone counts as a computer, then the movement of the file is downloading, whether you use Wifi, a cable or internet. 

    You don't say whether you share this with a room mate or sibling or what, but if it were me, I'd ask the more pertinent question  Why?  Is the reason not to PAY for music or is it that music takes up too much room or what?  Get a 'ruling' on this download prevention and then discuss it with the powers that be. 

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    Use a USB cable to avoid downloading.

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