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Anonymous asked in SportsOutdoor RecreationHunting · 7 months ago

Is there a science to quartering deer to not ruin the meat?

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  • BBean
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    7 months ago
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    There`s a science to everything. Gravity, inertia, leverage, and even mathematics. You said it yourself....quartering, not especially equal quarters but 4 distinct pieces.

     So much science involved just getting to the point of gandering over the body of a deer you have just shot. Whether the meat will ruin quickly or last for days depends on the ambient temperature.

    Warm climates during deer season means a hunter must not screw around wasting time on non essentials or clicking on to youtube or YA. A smart hunter with a positive attitude will have prepared the tools necessary to preserve his kill. Some hunters will have the means to elevate the animal off ground to hang by the 2 hind legs that are spread apart with a limb or something or just hang by one leg.  Some may use an overhanging tree limb...some may be fancy and have a lift on his vehicle powered by electricity or hand a come-a-long maybe. All forms of science used to this point. Just to save time say the ambient temperature is in the high 40`s or low 50`s which hunters in my area are used to. OK, the animal is still warm and limber. You have a device to spread the hind legs apart while tied to a lift cable or rope. You crank it up. The body is not touching the ground. You dig a hole to bury the parts you do not need. You cut the deer`s throat so it will bleed. You must do this before the blood coagulates. Then you take your knife and slice open the belly with careful control of cutting depth and gravity will let all those guts flow out slowly if you are careful to keep certain internal parts not severing anything that resembles a wrinkled water hose. If you do...disaster with the meat taste. You brought your ice chest to keep the organs you plan to keep but that`s optional. All the parts can go into the hole you dug then covered up when you leave. You may skin the deer one of the many different ways to do that. Some prefer a skinning knife with gut hook and all that and some kool guys know where to cut in places and yank the hide off with a ATV or some other powered device. If you plan to go that far in the field then keep the severed head with tag. Untie one hind leg and with your saw cut through the bone joint straight down until you have cleared the hind and the cutting gets easier. Remove the quarter and rinse off if you thought of bringing water and wrap. Do the front leg with 1/2 rib cage with your bone saw and by then you should have figured out how to do the rest. Rigor mortis is science and the butcher appreciates that. I realize that I may have left out some details that others do but generally speaking your question was to cut the deer into quarters without ruining the meat and I`m leaving it there.

    Hurry every chance you get. 

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