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Did George Floyd's death brought any change for people of color?

Politics and racism aside, I wonder if anything will come out of these protests.  Seems like they keep disrupting people's livelihood to work, even minorities are suffering from these protesters.  I can see why Trump could quite well win his 2nd term easily all no thanks to the protesters with looting and rioting.

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    What his death did was expose to the world how third world you are. How you treat others and under the influence of a Pandemic, you have no leadership. You are not UNITED states of America. You have lost respect in the world and ripe for a takeover 

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    Yes, several dozen were murdered during these protests. Nothing will ever change while communities willingly harbor violent people and make excuses for their violent acts. Democrats have tried to turn their backs on these protests since they realised that the violence was alienating voters which demonstrates the Democrat's contempt for the very people they are supposed to represent and help but instead only use as their political pawns.

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