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Poll: What's one country that you would never want to visit?

I'm not really a globe trotter full stop, but if I was then one country which I know I'd avoid at all costs is China. It's too overpopulated, high pollution levels, not vegetarian friendly. Definitely not for me.



China eats dogs, cats, rabbits and pretty much all animals (hence how Covid19 started). So I don't think I'm exactly "insane" to assume they are NOT vegetarian friendly.

Update 2:

I meant sexy not anonymous

Update 3:

Also animal cruelty rates in China are very high. 

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    Avoiding China because they eat dogs is stupid, people eat animals here. (I don't as am a vegetarian) No animal wants to be killed and eaten,  but to hate on a nation because they eat different creatures to us is hypocrisy.

    As for what countries I wouldn't visit, I'd say Spain as they have bull fighting, and until it is outlawed there I won't go. I also won't visit Saudi Arabia or similar as they treat women as lesser beings. (shame though as they have some seriously nice cars over there. 

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    China, for sure! Ant nobody want covid

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    I would definitely pass on Syria.

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    China is a huge no for me as well. Most of Asia really. For the same reason as you. I am Vegan and I value all life. A person eating a dog or a person eating a cow is equally as repulsive to me... however most places don't celibate animal cruelty ex; dog meat festivals, cock fighting, bear dancing.... to name a few. Also many other exploits in animal cruelty like bear bile farming which is truely horrific.

    I mean things like this do happen everywhere because every country has a few sick people... but in many places in Asia it's completely acceptable behaviour.

    As far as eating everything and anything goes. The food situation in china is awful. Starvation rates are astronomical and they act out of desperation.

    As for dietary restrictions. There would be many options for you. It's  more the state of animal welfare and human welfare that would be the issue.

  • Anonymous
    1 month ago

    El Salvador (it has the highest murder rate in the world)

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    I definitely 100% agree with you and I am Chinese. 

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    Interesting question. I would say Afghanistan. That country is an ongoing war zone. 

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    Somalia. I heard its not safe there. 

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