Is life boring in the Bay Area? ?

This might be a strange question, but i i've always wondered what do people do all day in the bay area, obviously besides working? Im in the IT industry, and there's a lot of job opportunities in the bay area, but life there just seems so incredibly boring, i can't bring myself to go there. It's just endless suburban sprawls with the small exception of San Jose, which is the only place that resembles an urban area south of San Francisco. I just wonder what do people who live there do all day? What is there to do besides work and stay at your house? 

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    Not knowing what you like to do makes it difficult to know what you think would not be boring.  If you're looking for city life, then SF or Oakland are good.  (Yes, Oakland. It has good and bad areas but is for certain much more of a city center than San Jose pretends to be.)

    Outside of whatever you might find appealing in a city, there is an abundance of outdoor activities.  It has great mountain biking and road cycling.  Redwoods (well....maybe not this year) are right there.  Some of the most beautiful coastline is just over the hill.  Wine country is 2 hours away.  You have professional soccer, baseball, football, hockey, and basketball teams.  What exactly makes something not boring to *you* though is what matters.

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    Let's see, dozens of museums devoted to everything from Jack London to outer space  (love the Morrison Planetarium).  Theaters, live, professional, amateur and semi-pro.  Sports, pro and collegiate.  Art galleries.  Try eating at Fishermen's Wharf (experienced a minor earthquake there once while eating lunch) or in Chinatown.  Okay, stay out of Colma, but even Oakland has its points.  Berkeley is a whole universe itself.  And learn who BART was named for while traveling it.  Did you know San Francisco was home to the only Emperor the United States has ever known?

  • There are dozens of colleges and universities in the area.  Yes- during the week most people are working or attending school/university but on the weekends people are quite active.

    Outdoor recreation is a 12-month option since they don't get snow/freezing temperatures.  Among US regions, it's one of the fittest and most active.  There is skiing a few hours away in the Reno-Tahoe area, beaches galore (including surfing), there are a half-dozen professional sports teams, college sports and dozens of concert/performing arts venues, theme parks and some of the best dining in North America.  Never mind that Napa (one of the best wine-growing regions in the world) is a couple hours away.

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    A great truth of life - only boring people are bored.

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    There are so many things to do and see here that one could only be bored if one has no interest in anything other than IT.

    Arts, culture, recreation, natural beauty, history, and some of the best food to be had anywhere.

    It isn't for everyone, but I can imagine living anyplace else.

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