Berry Ps4 controller and my switch pairing problems please Help :(?

I have the 8bitdo and have already got my rose gold controller to pair with my switch and it works, but now that controller is broken and I can’t use or turn that one on so I got the Berry blue ps4 controller but it won’t pair with the switch. I went into settings disconnected all controllers and tried to pair and still didn’t work, I’ve tried turning the switch off completely, unplugging and replugging in the 8bitdo, and still nothing, I got an Xbox one controller to connect but not my berry ps4 controller. But every time I turn on the switch and replug in the 8bitdo it says a new controller paired but no controller is on/has batteries. I know how to pair a ps4 controller I’ve done it already but How do I pair the berry controller cuz it won’t pair :( please Help.

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