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Why are all the shoes at Walmart the wrong size?

Brahma Work Boots that say 9 1/2 are actually smaller. I wear size 9 1/2 all work boots Walmart has is the wrong size.

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    It could be those are knock offs or simply labeled incorrectly from the manufacturer. It could also be that since shoe (and clothing) sizes are not standard across manufacturers, that you'll need a different size in THOSE shoes. I wear a 9 - 10 in various types of shoes, and an 11 or 11-1/2 in running shoes (for the extra room). 


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    Shoe manufacturers have a fake foot for each shoe size, called a last, to which they fit all their styles except sandals. It's entirely possible that a manufacturer whose specialty is inexpensive shoes took little care in properly sizing its lasts.

    It's also good to know that if a certain brand fits you well in one style, any other style they sell is going to fit you well, too.

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