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Should I call the cops ?

So... my boyfriend of 5 years dumped me. 

.... for a giant party “rager” his 40 year old brother is having.


His brother convinced him to embrace his 20’s and “live it up a little”.

I’m extremely shocked. And not going to lie.. screw both of them. I’m really disappointed in my now ex. We had a great relationship. We traveled across the country for each other and with each other. We’ve been by each others sides thru our worst times. We’re each others best friends. We really were. 

We were literally in the process of getting our first place. I have a ridiculous amount of furniture and home supplies stocked up in my closet that I don’t know what to do with now..ha.

But the fact that he let his “super cool brother” that he sees 2 months out of the year, convince him to break up with me to basically sleep around in order to embrace his 20s is beyond ridiculous and I no longer want nothing to do with him because I thought he’d respect me enough to put me first in this type of situation and stay by my side. 

So that’s the backstory.

Tonight is his brothers “big giant rager” and he’s going to have “all these girls for him” and “a whole brick of cocaine for the party”

And over 300 people.. and I happen to have the address to this party.

A part of me wants to say “Fu*k them” and call the cops to ruin their rager party

But a part of me is saying “okay.. he dumped you move on. Screw the both of them. Why are u so concerned about what he’s doing”

I partly want to be petty

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    A guy who prefers "being cool with the guys" to maintaining his relationship is a guy not worth being in a relationship with. You still have your problem of where to live and what to do with your furniture and stuff, but put this doink out of your thoughts other than being glad you discovered his weak character before becoming even more serious about him. 

    Don't do drama llama stuff. It will only make things worse for YOU. The best revenge is to stop caring and have a wonderful satisfying life that doesn't include Mr. Doink. 

  • 2 months ago

    Snitches get found in ditches. Go get yourself some strange pipe tonight. 

  • Anonymous
    2 months ago

    That's really upsetting, and I genuinely feel sorry for you. How can he just freely walk away from a 5 year relationship like that without even looking back? I hate to say it but he must have thought about it for some time already... A person cannot just walk away from a 5 year relationship over night without having processed it previously. Am I wrong?

    Were there signs of any concerns or problems prior? 

    If you want to call the cops you can, sure. He's not really your problem anymore, especially if he can just up and walk away from you like that. It can't just be because of his brothers influence. He must have been thinking about the idea before or wasn't happy about something.

    Hope you're doing ok. 

  • Anonymous
    2 months ago

    Want some mustard to go with your baloney?

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