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Why do staff (cooks, busboys, etc) deserve a cut from the server's tips?


1. ONLY Wait Staff (aka Servers) can be paid sub-wages.

2. Mentally Defective employees under State Programs can be paid half-Wages.

3. IF the Servers are paid at least Minimum Wage, then TIPS belong to the establishment.

4. Kitchen, Bar Tenders, & Host staff are paid Full Wages.

Federal and State Labour Laws.

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    because they make your job 10 times easier, could you imagine cooking and then cleaning up after the customers AND serving them in between that? They are just as (IF NOT MORE) hardworking than you just bringing food to the table and smiling pretty and making conversation to get a tip. They dont make tips because they are behind the counter, but basically doing double the work, therefore they deserve a cut 

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    (blackmail) Because they can make or break a waitress by timely and correctly producing the order (or not). ditto busboys who are responsible for refills, getting extra napkins, etc. NOTE - I actually disagree with your premise about sharing.  EDIT - By law, waitstaff get full minimum wage. If tips do not cover the gap between their base wage and the full minimum wage, the employer has to make up the difference (!!) In some locales waitstaff get the full minimum wage as well as keeping whatever tips they receive. If other workers want more money they need to unionize. A mandatory "tip" in the form of higher prices could result in less customers.

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    In the U.S., tips belong to the establishment.  It is up to the owner to decide how to distribute them.  Technically, they are NOT the server's tips.  Just because the server collects them does not give her the right to keep them.

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    Nobody deserves a tip, and tipping is a peculiarly dumb idea.  Restaurants should just charge 15% more and pay everyone more based on that increased revenue.

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    Because they are helping you do your job.

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