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Is there a modern Roman pagan religion in the manner of the modern Norse religions?

I've decided Christianity was introduced to European societies as a control and power-check, and it has actually made Europeans into weak victims over the ages with its "turn the other cheek" ethos.  I would prefer a religion that was developed by my own ancestors, and not by a people alien to them.                 

I am half German and half Italian, so I could go either way to Norse or Roman, but the idea of a Roman religion appeals to me more and would seem to indicate a more civilized lifestyle.

Are there any modern religions based on the Gods of ancient Rome?  I know there are several based on the Norse pantheon. 

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    As a Christian myself, this is one thought I definitely struggle with. I guess it really comes down to if God/Jesus exist or not.

    If they do, then none of that matters, and whether we go to heaven/hell is what matters. And the minorities killing and harming us will largely go to hell, which is bad for them. So we’d be winning in the end.

    On the other hand, if God/Jesus didn’t exist then yes whites would have gotten totally tricked and screwed on an epic level.

    Personally I do strongly believe in God and Jesus. But I don’t think whites should be cucks. Respecting and loving your own people is important. This doesn’t mean to hate others- but there’s no requirement to support immigration or to be self-loathing. In fact, self-loathingness is a sin and a society “being equally yoked” is a virtue, according to the Bible. BLM is not biblical and would not be supported by Jesus 

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    You decided incorrectly because you are ignorant of factual history

  • Have you decided a heretical madness that comes from your melted brain?

    Christianity in Europe lives with its tranquility of faithful believers of God! Christianity cannot follow any politics, God's law is in force!

    You are half Indian, half Black, you are not part of Italy, Clear Trolls of the garden? OK!

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    Yeah, Europeans really turned the other cheek from Charlemagne, 800 AD, through Hitler, 1945, 1,145 years.

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