Anyone else's child having a hard time homeschooling ?

my 7 year old is struggling.  She has adhd and on the spectrum, so she has a very hard time paying attention and tries to run off or cries on camera. I tried the rewards chart and take things away if she refuses to work works for a few mins and then back to freaking out and saying she hates school every 10 mins . 

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  • 1 month ago

    By you saying "on camera" it sounds like she's doing public school at home instead of homeschooling.

    I can't imagine a neuotypical 7 yr old doing well in a virtual school, much less a child with adhd and autism. 

    Get her out of the virtual school and start homeschooling her. 

  • drip
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    1 month ago

    I agree with  defend liberty’s post.

    Go to a tradition home school program. Where your child will have books and worksheets in front of them.  You can time your school day Sessions to help them out. 

    The program I used had teacher’s text books, test, quizzes,  worksheet and lesson plans if you need help.  

    I would have the kitchen table cleared when we did school. My phone was off. And I didn’t do any chores while teaching.  I stayed with  my child. And while they worked I could lesson plan the next day, read or get my own paper work done. Working one on one with your child can help you understand how they learn best. Your child may need more tactile learning. Reach out to other parents with ADHD children. Go to your library for help. My friend was a social worker for years and taught children with ADD ADHD, autism.  My son had trouble reading and is dyslexic. and she gave me great suggestions to help him out. 

    You may include short breaks for yoga or exercise to help them. Yoga has been found very helpful for children to learn how to calm themselves. Some schools have it in their daily programs. 

  • 1 month ago

    A child with adhd would naturally have trouble staying focused on a computer screen for any length of time. Heck, just about any 7 year old would! Forcing them to do so, in my opinion, is just counter productive and will only make her hate anything related to "school." This isn't really what homeschooling is all about. Virtual school or online school is different than traditional homeschool.

    You may want to consider switching to traditional homeschool (as defined legally). The advantage of this is that you can work with your daughters challenges and make learning fun. You get to choose your curriculum and work with her strengths. 

    For example, while learning addition and subtraction, she can be on the stairs. First step (1), go up three steps (+3) = step 4.  Now on step four (4), go down two steps (-2) = step 2. She gets to physically interact while learning. 

    There are other 'hands on' projects for other subjects as well that make learning interesting and fun -- rather than staring at a computer screen. For some ideas of what engaging resources are out there, take a look at the following website:

    Source(s): (homeschooled all my kids from K through to 12th grade)
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