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I have a somewhat normal cage, can I fit ONE more budgie in the bunch?

I have 2 budgies, and I keep them in  a somewhat-small cage, it's not tiny like some of the cages online, its 23 inches wide, 13 inches tall, and 12 long, the real question is, if I were  them, would I be sane with two other beings living with me in that? They are already fine in the cage, I make sure I keep the door for the cage open at all times so if one wants to get out they can, so if I DID get a third bird, they could do that, as well as me taking them out a LOT. I also tried to measure the cage by width & stuff, so if the cage was measured by the birds with how long would it be, so then I did the same with My room, but with humans, as measurements, and it equated to about the same (I have a big room), I REALLY want a third bird, I just don't wanna make any of them miserable. I'm stuck on that gate where I try to think about how they WOULD be ok, but am comforted by the bad sides

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    The cage is too small even for one parakeet. A general rule is, each bird should be able to stand in the middle and spread it's wings fully out and not touch the cage sides or dishes, or another bird. The rule is, buy the LARGEST  cage that you possibly can. It's really great that they can come and go as they please most of the time. But, the cage is their "home", and it should be comfortable.

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    I would only use a cage that small for transport.

    Even as a breeding cage I would have more than twice that space even for 2 budgies.

    For 3 budgies I would want at least 30 inches wide x 24 inches high x 18 inches long MINIMUM.

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