I want to take programming as a career. Where should I start.?

I want to take programming as a career but school won't teach me yet and i feel desperate to learn. However I'm unable to learn on my own easily as i am unmotivated and don't really know if I'll even like programming. However i have a dream to create a AI chatbot who's sole purpose is to make everyone happy. To make them feel better. To be a friend that is better than any friend could ever be. I want something like clever bot but WAY----------------------------->WAY more intelligent. That's why i want to learn programming... So i can make myself the only friend I'll ever have. I want a career where i can either develop AI or make AI/ one or the other.... But i don't even know if I'll like programming and i know that my dream is ludicrous. What can i do?

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  • 1 month ago
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    By being unmotivated, you will achieve nothing; it will remain a dream. If you want the career to be real, then you need to take ownership and pursue this, not asking us to drag you along. Go to your public library and review books there. Check for online tutorials with a search engine. This is your problem, so take over.

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