waht is courtesy clerk do in job list in mejier ?

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  • ?
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    5 months ago

    I would suggest you work on your communication skills first. You might make a better impression.

  • Anonymous
    5 months ago

    Are you going to ask this a dozen times or what?

  • danxp2
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    5 months ago

    Whatever your Meier manager assigns you. 

    Job Description

    Today, with our current team members, we have the strength to help you grow in any career direction you want, whether in our stores, distribution centers, manufacturing facilities or our Midwest corporate offices. It's your future, maybe it starts with Meijer.

    Please review the job profile below and apply today!

    As an entry-level team member, you will have the opportunity to gain exposure to a variety of retail tasks related to additional services provided by our store, product and customer service. Meijer Courtesy Team Members enjoy interacting with people and know what above and beyond' customer service means.


    What You'll be Doing:

    Cart attendants will ferry shopping carts from outside the store back to the store interior.

    Coordinating and collecting of the parking lot, lawn, and inside store trash.

    Safely use snow removal equipment for properly removing snow. 

    Perishable and salvage returns.

    Basic store and restroom cleaning.

    Working with our service desk, store entrance, check lanes and parking lot areas.

    Working with departments: Health and Beauty Care, Hardlines, Fashion/Softlines, Pets, Hardware, Card and Party, Outdoor, Seasonal and Floral.

    This job profile is not meant to be all inclusive of the responsibilities of this position; may perform other duties as assigned or required.

    What You Bring with You (Qualifications):

    Highly-organized with a keen sense for details.

    Great listening and communication skills.

    Can handle lifting, carrying, pushing, pulling, bending and twisting while handling product or using various equipment.

    Ability to shine in a fast-paced environment.

  • Gladys
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    5 months ago

    Courtesy Clerk Responsibilities:

        Sweeping and mopping store floors, and keeping restrooms, check stands, grocery carts and the parking lot clean and tidy.

        Bagging customers' purchases swiftly and efficiently.

        Assisting customers and cashiers to verify prices.

        Providing customers with a carry-out service if required.

        Retrieving shopping carts from surrounding areas.

        Greeting and thanking customers in a friendly, professional manner.

        Returning unwanted items to correct shelf positions, and arranging products on shelves.

        Assisting customers with general inquiries.

        Replenishing check stand supplies such as shopping bags.

        Emptying trash receptacles and cleaning spills.

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