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I’m so depressed right now, advice ?

I don’t know why I’m depressed, I think it’s because my newest crush doesn’t like me and that I’m lonely 

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    Listen to some music. It can be very therapeutic and cathartic to let your emotions out. We all have crushes on people and deep down we all know it probably won't work out. Love is a pretty harmful thing sometimes. Remember the guy who broke into Lana del Ray s house? He sat three seats away from me in world studies class. People who have crushes can get obssesive.

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    Read a great book, watch some great movies, eat well, work out, listen to some of your favorite music, talk with your friends. You'll get past it.

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    I have a piece of CANDY in times like these:

    Calm down, look at the problem straight on and deal with it. 

    Ain't that bad, you didn't kill anyone or rob a bank (I hope)

    Nobody is perfect, we all have these depression episodes, so don't think it is just you

    Do your best to deal with it, be glad you're still alive & still able to feel down at times

    You will be fine.  If nothing else, remember someone out there loves you.  Trust me.

    Life is too short friend.  Don't waste another minute of yours pining over this one. It is not the end of the world.  Friend, he might be on the hunt for something else, just like you might be on the hunt for something else than the guy that likes you that you don't like back.  I am pretty sure that there are still lots of other guys out there besides this one.  Instead of sitting around sad over what wasn't meant to be, get up, get dressed and find the one meant to be.  The guy you are depressed over hasn't had one thought about you and is probably out having the time of his life.  Don't let him see a hot mess, let him see a beautiful confident person out there having the time of her life instead.  How much you wanna bet he will have 2nd thought on not liking this person? 

    Forget about this (cuz holding onto any bad from your past is not going to change any of it, and you got a life to live!), MOVE ON!  Order a pizza or go out for a burger - let it go and LIVE!   Good luck to you:)

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    go to gym. always helps and as a bonus u will get a fabulous body

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    hmm it will be alright. jus stay positive. just trying to help ;o tc

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    1 month ago

    Finger your hole and you may find some comfort after you orgasm 

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