Britney asked in SportsWater Sports · 2 months ago

If you regularly have a kayak on your roof rack, can you keep it there when driving for Uber/Lyft?

Don't have other place to store said kayak, and don't want to confuse Uber/Lyft (riders) when they see a car with a kayak on it (want them to easily recognize I'm there to pick them up), but want to be able to go kayaking etc. and it's the most (balanced, all around, multiple birds with one stone) way of handling this that I can think of.

Otherwise I'd need to rent a storage unit, and take kayaks on/off when getting ready to Uber, and may be in a great kayaking spot when not near storage unit, etc.

1 Answer

  • Anonymous
    2 months ago

    I'd leave it on and offer to take them on kayaking trips. 

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