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POLL: do you agree that we would need someone like pres. HW Bush now in the white house?

I think Bush 41 was probably the most competent president of my lifetime, which goes back to Eisenhower.  He was a combat veteran, businessman, diplomat, spy and meaningful Vice-President before he became President.  He was by all accounts also a decent human being with a great and self-deprecating sense of humor, although he did have a few quirks and it came out later that he liked to pat women on the butt...something that might have been socially tolerated for men to do in the 1960s but not acceptable in the 1990s or beyond.

He had the international acumen to marshal a world-wide response to the Iraqi invasion of Kuwait, and when it was over he had the common sense (in spite of a lot of pressure from both Republicans AND Democrats to "finish the job") NOT to invade and occupy Iraq...a mistake his son made later.

Bush also oversaw the dismantling of the U.S.S.R. and helped arrange it so that the breakaway republics did not end up with their own nuclear arsenals, thus leading to ICBM's in the possession of very shaky governments. Last but not least he was a family man,he loved his family. He lost his daughter at age 3 of leukemia.

So,am I the only one who thinks 41 was a good man and a good president?


Fireball: you do realize that president Bush is gone,right?  I just said it would be good to have him back

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    I agree with you 100%.   Bush was a good president......he was one of the presidents I served under in the Military  and I had no problem with him. 

    (well, except for that lying about not raising any new taxes, and then the b*stard turned around and raised taxes. ) 

    But otherwise, all you said was true.....especially the part about having the sense to leave Saddam in place,  rather than create the power vacuum by removing him. 

    His son was given the exact same advice, and totally ignored it...........drawing us into a 14 year cluster f*ck. 

    But by all accounts,   Bush  41  was a good dude . 

    Navy Pilot, as well. !

    Source(s): US Navy Veteran.
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    He was a bad president also. So do not need another bad president like him in the White House.

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    Yes, he was a good president👍. 


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