Is my redundancy legal ? ?

Ok guys unfortunately I was made redundant due to the corona virus at the end of June. I worked for a small estate agents as a sales negotiator. The company was very small and was a sister company to their much larger lettings property management company however was based in the same building under different company names. The only two people employed for the estate agent company was myself and my manager whom still works there. My question is how could I be made redundant due to lack of business when I was the only sales negotiator who worked there ? How can a estate agent run without a sales negotiator and run successfully with one person working there. They have since put an advert on indeed under their lettings management company asking for an lettings agent to also assist with the sales side of the business. I find this very fishy ? Where do I stand ? It may be worth noting that a month before my redundancy there was an under payment of my furlough which I complained about, a month later I was gone ? I was also a month off of working there for two years when they got rid off me. Any help would be appreciated.


My manager also can’t spell so any property listing is written up for him by the lettings staff working under the other company 

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  • Tavy
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    2 months ago

    As a former Estate Agent what they are doing is legal in the U.K. They are not taking on enough properties to warrant your wages, they are combining lettings  with sales so only need one person.  As you were employed as a Neogiator your job is redundant. Did you ask if you could do lettings instead. Maybe they considered you but found you did not have the qualities they were looking for.


  • 2 months ago

    1. Conditions have been changing rapidly. E.g. a steep shortfall/down turn in business led many companies to let people go because there wasn't enough work for them, or money to pay them. Then things turned around on a dime, and suddenly they are short of people.

    2. They weren't happy with your work, & looking for an opportunity (or excuse) to let you go.

    So there are a couple of possibilities, and there could be more. But companies try hard to avoid doing anything illegal - consequences are too severe.

  • 2 months ago

    "How can a estate agent run without a sales negotiator and run successfully with one person working there"????????????????????????

    Since most estate agents work independently, they do it successfully every day.

    Are you capable of working on the letting side?  If so, apply for the position.

    If not, you aren't the employee they need.  They need someone predominately on the letting side who can help with sales when needed. 

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