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How does a passenger train line up their train cars?

First i know what a passenger train looks like cause I been on one and love model trains. I'm asking what train cars of a passenger train consist from behind the engine and all the way to the end of the train.

*Use amtrak as a example*

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  • TedEx
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    3 weeks ago

    on a trip I took, engine, engine,  mail car, 

     baggage car, sleeper, 3 coaches and a dining car.((The Cardinal, Washington to Chicago))

    Return by United airlines, 1 hr, 56 minutes 

  • John P
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    4 weeks ago

    In Britain passenger trains tend not to have changes in their configurations.

    There is an motor unit with driver's cab at both ends, and a number of identical carriages in between. Some are first class, and there may be a restaurant car on long distance trains. 

    There are a few overnight trains with sleeper carriages.

  • 1 month ago

    Traditionally the cars closest to the locomotive were not used for passengers. Mail cars, baggage cars would be there. If you have rode behind a steam locomotive on grade you will know why. Next the smoking car. Then the coaches, followed by the dining car, next the sleepers (if any) and lastly the observation car.

  • Anonymous
    2 months ago

    They do it just as they normally would.

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  • 2 months ago

    Amtrak does it many different ways.  Some of their trains just have a locomotive, cars for passenger seating, and a cafe car.  Others have baggage cars, sleeping cars, etc.

  • 2 months ago

    They line them up one after the other. There is no law or required order of cars on every train that Amtrak operates.

    IF the train has a baggage car it is the first car. Reason the passengers have no reason to wander through it getting to the other cars.

    Some short trains just have passenger cars four to five  of them with just seats.

    A longer distance train may add a car for food and beverage service near the middle.

    The Crescent typically uses:  

    Heritage Fleet Baggage Car 

      2 Viewliner Sleepers   

    1 Heritage Fleet Diner   

    1 Amfleet II Lounge   

    4 Amfleet II Coaches

    The Silver Meteor is similar, but typically adds a third Viewliner Sleeping car:    Baggage car  

    3 Viewliner Sleeping cars   

    Heritage Diner   

    Amfleet II Cafe   

    4-5 Amfleet II Coaches

    The Silver Star typically uses:  

    Baggage car  

    2 Viewliner sleepers  

    Heritage Fleet diner   

    Amfleet II lounge   

    4 Amfleet II coaches

    The Acela Express trainset consists of two power cars, a café car, a First Class car, and four Business Class cars, semi-permanently coupled together.

    There is no carved in stone rule of the order the cars must be as in some locations the train does not turn around . The locomotive just moves to the other end for the reverse direction of the route.

    Many You tube videos explore the longer trains from end to the other.

    If cars are available they can be added as needed for busy times.

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