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Adults writing about teenage characters ?

Why does it feel so weird to write about teenagers now that I'm in my 20s? I've been writing since I was 12 and always wrote characters of my age group but now I want to keep writing teen stuff but at 25 it feels all too contrived but makes for better coming of age novels for obvious reasons 

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    You have lived through your teens and now, while you remember them clearly, you can review them, recall your feelings and decisions of those years and analyze the lessons you learned.  

    Don't think of it as weird,  because you are writing about what you have known.  I urge you to write down your memories, and write teen and coming of age stories while the memories are fresh. You'll need them when you're older and writing about a teen character. Right now is a great time to record your insights. 

    I am sure many more adults than teens have written teen books that have lasted.  Mark Twain and "Huckleberry Finn", Louisa Mae Alcott and "Little  Women", "The Red Badge of Courage", Robert Louis Stevenson and "Treasure Island", Lucille Maud Montgomery and her "Anne of Green Gables" series, J. K. Rowling and "Harry Potter".

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    I'm in my late 40's and I don't find it weird to write characters that are much younger or much older than I am - at least with the younger characters, I have once been their age. I just finished proofreading one of my novels where the main character is 10-11 years old, and in the novel before that, my character was in her mid twenties.

    I think you need to ask yourself why you feel it's too contrived? Are you finding it difficult to relate to your teenage character? Are you falling into the 'adult writing a teen stereotype' trap? Or is some kind of personal hang-up you have? Once you figure out what it is, then try to do something about it. Especially since if you feel that way, then chances are that your readers could feel the same way.

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    If coming to age group it what you like to write about so why try to analyze yourself thinking you are doing something wrong......If you are planing to write about your age group you must live it first or you will not really bring out the image of true love to the have live pass the teen years and I bet do a good job letting the reader see what a teen life really is like.....and if it is not fun playing the writing game, then way do it.....

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    It could be a general disconnect from the people you're writing about. If you aren't treated like a teenager or aren't involved in the same (sub)cultures, then you may not feel comfortable identifying with their struggles or making pop culture references.

    It could also be due to societal taboos dealing with sexuality. Adults depicting teenagers as sexual beings are often frowned upon, as the interest may be seen as pedophilic.

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