A desktop I saw in the store has both a SSD + HDD hard drives.   What is the need for 2 different types of hard drives on the same computer?

Spec: 512GB SSD I 1TB HDD

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    Normally the SSD drive is used to store the OS (Windows) and some programs, while the HDD is used to store data.

    SSD drives, while much faster, have a limitation to how many times they can be written to.  Data accounts for the major of "writes" on most computers.  While the OS and most programs have very few writes.  But separating the two you greatly extend the life of the SSD.

    Also if you price drives, you will find a 1 TB HDD is less then a 256 GB (1/4 of a TB) SSD.  Most people want more than 256 GB of storage in their computers.  So by have an OS and a data drive they get a lot more storage for a lower price.

    Unless you are using huge data files, OS files account for most of the slowness on a PC.  OS on the SSD and data on the HDD gives you more storage, longer life for the drives, and usually not a major reduction in speed over all SSD.

    But even if you did want to go all SSD, you should consider have two drives in the PC.  By putting your data on the second drive it is easier to back it up (all in one location), easier to copy (one location) and if you get a new computer you simply move the drive over to the new unit and all your data is there.

    Very common for people to have two drives in their computers.  SSD for OS and programs and HDD for data (and programs they rarely use.)

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    SSD's are no longer that expensive. There is really no longer a need for both. I only have a 1TB SSD. 

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    Using the SSD for cash and operating system speeds up the machine. Adding the HDD gives it more file storage space at a cheaper price.

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    SSD for speed

    HDD for storage capacity

    You store files that you are not manipulating with software on the HDD

    - for example: "finished" photos

    You store program files and data used by those programs on the SSD.

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  • Barry
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    1 month ago

    SSD is small but fast. HDD is large but slow. So the OS and programs are on the SSD and data storage is on the HDD.

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