Mice HELP! Already upgraded to poison. Is there a smoke bomb for indoors, like the attic/ceiling space?

Thus far, I've caught 33 mice on glue traps over 9 weeks. I can still hear them in the ceiling & walls, and occasionally see them running on the floor. Yes, I understand I have a full on infestation. I've been using harsh smelling oils & herbs to keep them contained in the kitchen/living room. I have been baiting bags of dried food with "EcoClear's RatX Pellets."

Problem #1 My elderly mother lives with me (77yrs old), & she is a HORRIBLE pack rat. With the heatwave, she brought bins in from the garage while I was away (which is how I suspect the mouse problem worsened). It's still too hot to put her things back, even under the threat of "Do you want to get the damn mice out of the house?" And my mother had breathing issues BEFORE COVID & the 50+ fires in Southern California.

Problem #2 My 4yr old dog recently had a major vet visit to the tune of $1,300. She ate something in the yard that blocked her GI. She is doing better, but both myself & my mother are on fixed incomes. We can't afford to stay someplace else for the house to be tented (at least for another 3 weeks); esp. with a dog on the mend (I have 2 dogs).

I already called around & minimum for a company to put bait houses out is $300. We can't afford that. I called around to see if I could get help just keeping the house cleaner, least expensive maid service (WITH knowledge there are mice) is $200.

I can only do so much, is there anythings I can do, inexpensively, that I havn't thought of or aren't already doing?

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  • Barry
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    2 months ago
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    Persevere with the poison. Make sure there are NO other food sources available. It will eliminate them eventually. Traps are a complete waste of time. Mice are far too smart to be caught in spring traps.

  • Anonymous
    2 months ago

    Mice PREFER a clean house. [really, they don't care]  You can afford 2 dogs? I can't afford 1.

    Glue traps are useless.  You say you caught 9(what about the mice that walked over there comrades to get to the other side?  You missed 50.)  Your dogs are useless unless they are terriers which are mousers. Much better than any cat.

    . Having dogs or cats AND POISON is a bad mix.  It will kill a dog like it was an overgrown mouse.  That is what poison does.  It does not care the creature, its job is to poison them.

    . Prices have gone up but I remember when the price was under a buck for a "VICTOR" snap trap.  How many mice has that trap caught? If I say 200 I am probably lying as it is DOUBLE OR TRIPLE THAT NUMBER.  Same trap,same results= death for the mice. BOO HOO!

    . Mice are not stupid.  They know the food is in the kitchen like under the stove or nearby as a kernel or crumb fit between the slit between the stove and the cabinet.  That is a meal for the mice.. Your trap should be under the stove in the back near the wall and set to be sprung. I have caught 3 in a single springing of the trap. Red ripe tomato about the size of your fingernail trimming is enough under the curl Have at it.  You never have to wash the trap or touch the mouse. Just release them into a metal pail for you will catch many(so you want to count and those half alive can't crawl out.

    You have access into your house (either because you do not have a door stoop that closes up the gap under the door, so mice walk in or you have windows that are not closed completely or they are circling the globe and beaming in more of them via transporter.  Fix the holes and that reduces the mice in the house and keep the door closed.  Same story for the windows.

    Or go to the local store and buy a Gun and a mess of bullets cause you got to practice to get good and shoot them. Lots of holes in the wall is a problem you got to fix.

    Setting the trap should be on YOUTUBE (I have not looked because I know how to do it)

  • 2 months ago

    I've had a lot of success with the humane traps that just drop a tiny trapdoor behind the mouse. The mouse goes in to get at the peanut butter and triggers a lever, releasing the trapdoor.

    They can't resist peanut butter.Then you just take the mouse outside, release it somewhere far away, and start again. I caught 33 in a week that way, using two traps simultaneously.

  • bill
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    2 months ago

    First stop them from coming in or whatever you do is pointless. I found electric box kill traps to be best but they are a bit expensive.

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  • elhigh
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    2 months ago

    Snap traps are inexpensive and reusable.  Just keep at it.

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