Need a amp for my two subs ?

Subs are two kicker comprt 10" shallow sub they are one ohm and was looking for a good amp for them 

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  • Anonymous
    2 months ago

    Not enough info -  the CompRT's come in two versions - one with dual 1-ohm voice coils and one with dual 2-ohm voice coils. You haven't made it clear which you have, because on it's own the 1-ohm DVC is either 0.5 ohm (parallel)  or 2.0 ohms (series) when the voice coils are connected, while the 2-ohm DVC sub is either 1 ohm (parallel) or 4 ohms (series) when the VC's are wired. Your vague question could mean you have the model with 1-ohm DVC's or the 2-ohm model that you're planning to set up at 1 ohm. Which is it, because that makes a big difference? 

  • 2 months ago

    With a pair of 400w D1's I'd look for a class D mono thats 600-1000w rms at 1 ohm.

    Some possibilities:

    Soundstream PN1.1000D

    MB Quart FA1-1000.1

    Pioneer gm-d8701 or gm-dx871

  • Here you go brother.

    1. Rockford Fosgate

    2. Soundqubed

    3. CT Sounds

    4. B2 Audio

    5. JL Audio

    6. DC Audio

  • 2 months ago

    Figure out what these subs are going to work with that you already have. Recognise what their capable of. Mount the subs in a suitable enclosure and consider efficiency as you pick the cabinet, but also make sure you have a space to carry it in the car. You do not have to push them to the brink of destruction, so find out the rms rating of the subs and don't exceed that. If you wire the speakers in series, their impedance total will be 2 ohms and you can use an amp 2 ohms stable or less. Perhaps an amp that makes at least 3 times the power the other speakers you have make altogether will do a good job. Go to a stereo shop and experience what those particular subs can do auditioning a set on display. So far, it doesn't seem you have looked for an amp for a system you still need to develop. If you want a list of manufacturers, the list is long. Actually go to a shop and physically look instead of asking us to name a list. You can find satisfaction getting real experience. Otherwise some will try to convince you to use the most electricity creating the loudest noise possible. That does not help you work with what you have already.

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  • Anonymous
    2 months ago

    doesn't matter which amp. you need proper wiring just as much as an amp. do some research on how many watts they need. and then get an amp and wiring which can adequately supply them. if they need 1000 watts, then get a 1200 watt amp, at least. and so on

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