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tips to fight off hunger pangs?

I want to eat meals at 8ish, 12:30 ish, snack (3;30), and dinner at 6/7. But I get hungry in between (probably because I exercise). I'm on a diet tho and need to shed 15 lbs. Provide some tips? It doesn't help that I eat all meals with my family, either.

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    A tall glass of water will often curb hunger as it triggers your stomach to tell your brain it's 'full' (or it has contents) so the brain doesn't tell you that you need to eat. That's the most simple way. Otherwise, just use your will power and don't eat outside of the meals/snacks you have scheduled (just make sure you are eating enough to fuel your body). The calculator below can help you determine if your calorie intake is where it needs to be, for fat loss or weight maintenance. 

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    My tip is to forget about the "diet". You may very well be successful at losing weight but you'll gain it all back and more once you stop the diet. 

    Hunger pangs - just ignore them. Think about something else. Or drink some water or a cup of black tea or coffee.

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    omg I relate and it’s especially hard for me when I’m restricting during my meals too and eating 1/2 or 1/4 portions when I’m trying to flatten my stomach

    this sounds really bad but basically I’m like a size 2/4 normally but then over summer I try to lose weight and get down to 0/00 so basically I pull out my tiny size 0 jeans and stuff and make myself try to wear them and it makes it so that I’m physically uncomfortable and like don’t eat anything extra

    or I’ll walk around in a crop top and shorts just so I remind myself I need to lose weight and I can see my body in mirrors around my house 

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    You are not eating enough fiber and/or not getting enough protein. Also, eat more for your first meal of the day (breakfast). Make sure you get a good balance of fiber/wholegrain, protein, and vitamins (from fruits).

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    Add some/more oil to your diet.   200 calories of oil is much more filling than 500 calories of sugar\starch.

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