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is really that russia is not more a commie country ?

now there is Putin,while china is a capitalist/communist country 

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    Russia stopped being socialist after Yeltsin outlawed the Communist Party and dissolved the USSR. Perhaps even before that - when Khrushchev took power and implemented capitalist policies, distorted Marxism, and put Russia on the capitalist road. 

    There's still a debate about when exactly the USSR stopped following communism.

    Today, it's a capitalist oligarchy, and China's today a state-capitalist oligarchy - ever since the Gang of Four were arrested and the capitalist-roader Deng Xiaoping clique came into power.

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    3 months ago

    The Soviet Union died in 1991; a little more than 80 years old.  It is now Russia, the Soviet Block is gone. Russia has a new constitution, currency, flag & Freedoms.

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