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could i still be pregnant?

i’ve taken 5 pregnancy tests and they were all negative (yes in the morning, yes i followed all the steps, and yes after my missed period) i have missed my period for 2 months. as far as i know there is no way i COULD be pregnant as we were safe both times, but i’ve never missed 2 periods in a row. 


i have no symptoms other than the skilled periods.

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    When it has been 21 days after the last time you had sex, then a test is going to be accurate.

    When a period is missing and pregnancy tests are negative, it could mean you did not ovulate for some reason.  A period will usually automatically happen about 12 to 18 days after ovulation if pregnancy did not begin.  A missing period and a negative pregnancy test could mean you haven't ovulated.

    This also means that you could become pregnant if you have sex when your ovulation returns.  So, it is possible not to be pregnant right now but you could become pregnant before the next period happens if you keep having sex and you fail to use birth control.  Do not assume you couldn't still become pregnant at this point.

    You may have a hormone imbalance causing the problem.  It would be a good idea to let your mom know why you would like to see a doctor.  

  • Jill
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    2 months ago

    Just tell your mom that you have missed 2 periods for unknown reasons so you would like to see a doctor about it. You don't have to mention sex at all. 

  • 2 months ago

    i haven’t gone to the doctor yet i’m trying to get my mom to take me without explicitly telling her why i need to go

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    2 months ago

    Have you gone to a doctor?!?!?!?!?!?!!?!?

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