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Why does the US stock market have 3 major divisions?  Dow, NASDAQ, and SP500?

other countries don't have that do they? why the US does?

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  • garry
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    6 months ago
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    4 actually , one for manufacturing , another for mining and  oil , next is for techniquel  or technology and the last is the futures market ( you gamble stocks will go up ) .

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    It doesn't.  The Dow, etc. are not divisions of any one company.  Further, anyone in the world can buy stocks in any of these companies.  It is not limited to citizens or residents of the U.S.

  • 6 months ago

    They aren't divisions of the stock market.  There are three major stock markets in the U.S., two in New York and one in Chicago.  Dow and S&P are indexes that were originally developed by different competing companies in New York, but are now owned by the same company.  NASDAQ is a completely separate stock exchange based in Chicago.

  • Judy
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    6 months ago

    don't know much about the market, do you?

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  • Biff
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    6 months ago

    There are really only two major US exchanges: New York Stock Exchange and NASDAQ. The 30 Dow Jones Industrial Average stocks are selected by Dow Jones, Inc. from among the largest stocks, and include both NYSE and NASDAQ listed stocks. The S&P 500 is the index of the largest 500 stocks by market capitalization regardless of where listed. Both Dow and S&P have many other stock indexes besides the most well known ones. 

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