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Why does the US men's national team suck aѕѕ while the women's national team kicks aѕѕ?

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    Because America's best athletes go into other professional sports that pay far, far, far more than professional soccer pays. If soccer were the high-paying pro sport that football, basketball, baseball, or even hockey is, the American men's team would "kick @ss." 

    Now, many have tried to get soccer to catch on in America, but it never has because, compared to America's other pro sports,  pro soccer is, quite frankly, boring with its extremely low scores, many pro matches ending in a 0-0 tie. Compare that to the high pace and hundreds of points in goals in a single game of basketball.  

    So why is the American women's soccer team so good? Because it's not like America's best women athletes can make any more money playing another pro sport, like football, basketball, baseball, or hockey, as there are no women's sports that are mass spectator sports in America. What's more, I don't see women's soccer being a mass spectator sport anywhere in the world, meaning other countries aren't throwing many resources behind their national women's soccer team, not anything like they do with men's soccer. So there's not a disparity in resources like there is with men's soccer, American women's soccer being more on an even playing field resource-wise with other countries than Amercan men's soccer, which is on a very uneven playing field because while other countries' soccer teams get loads of resources because of huge fandom and vast amounts of money spent by spectators, American men's soccer gets hardly any resources because Americans just aren't interested in it, find it boring. The fact that nobody worldwide really gives a crap about women's soccer therefore is a big reason why America's women's team does as well as it does and shows that if Americans cared about men's soccer as much as other countries do such that America resourced it like other countries do, the US men's national team would certainly "kick @ss" and dominate worldwide like its women's team does.

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    You don't want to know the answer to that if your asking.

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