Western wall?

My question concerns the Western Wall in Jerusalem.

Are the prayer slips pushed within the ashlar block cracks folded? 

Personally, I would think to fold the prayer slip is more secure, secret for only G-d to read.

However, as a gentile, I am limited in my understanding and require one from the Jewish culture/religion to provide the answer.  

Thanks in advance.

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    5 months ago
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    The prayers are collected by the Rabbinate of Jerusalem and either thrown away or buried if it is shemot/shemos i.e. sacred by having God's Name in it. One of the reasons why the exodus is called Shemot because God reveals His Name to Moses and tells the people He has come to save them and sanctify His Name ehen He redeems Israel from Egypt. 

    Technically anyone can pull someone's prayer out of the wall and read it. Which is why you shouldn't leave your name or email or phone number. Go at a time very few people are there. But if someone reads it don't worry your prayers were listened too. 

    Source(s): Orthodox Jew
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