How can a international student fill out the fafsa if they don’t have a social security number?

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  • MS
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    1 month ago

    International students are not eligible for federal aid, and that's what the FAFSA is for (Free Application for Federal Student Aid).  International students do not complete the FAFSA.  International students are usually not awarded any aid at all - they generally have to document their ability to pay their expenses before getting their student visa.

    If you are referring to undocumented students in the US, then the FAFSA is still not usually used because they are also not eligible for federal aid.  They might be eligible for state or institutional aid, depending on where they live and where they are attending schools, but the FAFSA is not usually used for that.  The schools' financial aid websites will provide the necessary information for applying for such aid, if it's available.  If they DO want the FAFSA, then they will direct you on the SSN issue.

  • 1 month ago

    999-99-9999 - the only reason to file a FAFSA is your school requesting you to do so for institutional aid.

  • Expat
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    2 months ago

    You should talk to the international student office or financial aid office at your school. They can help you. 

    International students cannot get the Pell Grant and most financial aid, but there are some exceptions; talking with your embassy or consul general is a great resource for answers. Other forms of aid like loans may be acquired. 

  • 2 months ago

    he should ask financial aids this question

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  • Scott
    Lv 6
    2 months ago

    International students are not eligible for financial aid and so they wouldn’t fill out that form.

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