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Do people make a big deal out of not wearing masks just cause they can? Are they really that concerned or are they just bored?

My job like most fast food places requires that we wear masks during our shift. I make sure everyone wears them, but I do allow them to take them off from time to time, because it’s very hot in our store (around 80 usually) due to the ovens. I only let the people in the back do this, everyone at the counter helping customers has to wear one at all times. Even then, we have a giant piece of plexiglass blocking contact with customers. We have to slide their order under the small space below the plexiglass. We had a woman come in and order; she waited in our lobby for almost 10 minutes with at least 3 or 4 other people around her. After handing her the order, she decided to ask for a refund because she saw someone in the back not wearing a mask. I understand everyone is trying to be cautious, but this seemed a little extreme; especially since she had just been in close contact with multiple people while our crew was a good distance away from her. The crew member was at least 50 feet away with the plexiglass and a wall in between them. He had his mask off for all of 5 minutes which unfortunately was during the time she was there. Do people just want to make a fuss just cause? I really don’t understand it. Like why go out in public if you’re that worried about the pandemic. Stay at home for gods sake if you’re going to be that anal about it.

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  • Aiden
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    2 months ago
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    I worked in retail for 2 years before I got into management and another year before I became an are manager and escaped that shop and eventually the company. In that time I realised very quickly that some people come in just to cause trouble. They come in either with the intention to get something out of you or they'll come in in such a bad mood that you can do everything perfectly and they'll still find something wrong.

    So she could have been one of "THOSE" customers.

    Either that or she could be paranoid about COVID (Unlikely considering she was in close proximity to other customers) or perhaps she was just uninformed about the purpose of masks, social distancing and COVID in general. 

    But regardless of what her intentions or thoughts were; it doesn't matter. Just smile, keep a positive attitude at all times for your customers and your staff and maintain a happy environment like a good manager/supervisor should. You're going to encounter a lot more awkward people and more challenging times. It's best to learn how to not care now because it's only going to get worse later. 

    Do your job correctly, that's all you need to worry about.

    Keep it up Sarah, you sound like you're doing a good job and you've got a straight head on you. Don't let things get to you.

  • 2 months ago

    In this current climate, many people are deeply concerned and this causes them to be on edge when they enter any social/external setting.  Some people also believe that mask wearing is mandatory, no matter what you are doing and they will react when this is not happening around them.  When you encounter someone, you do not know their history or what may have happened in their life five minutes before/five hours before.  In a situation like this, your Manager has the discretion to respond in a way he/she believes is appropriate.

  • Pearl
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    a lot of people dont like wearing them, i dont, but i will wear them if im in places where i have to like the bus or picking perscriptions up at walgreens just cause i dont feel like arguing about it, or the doctors, i cant stand people's paranoia about it, i had to spend my birthday alone about a wk ago cause my friend was afraid to catch it from me, i never even get sick, i wouldve gladly wore a mask if it would make her feel better,not sure if i want to see her again cause of that

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