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I strongly believe that I am being bullied by my coworkers and managers. Any advice?

I changed to a different workplace after being bullied relentlessly by my female and male managers in my previous workplace. I strongly believe that they are bullying me for being single. I can't explain any other reason. My work performance is one of the bests, so I been told. I can do more work loads than a lot of my associates combined. My customer satisfaction is also excellent. I was viewed as highly trusted with higher level projects until all the problems started. I am introverted so I keep to myself and don't cause trouble. I have noticed that the women are love bombing me similarly in both workplaces. The men are making it known that they are avoiding me as soon as they see me.I hear them every so often calling me names where I can hear them. It doesn't hurt my feelings at first, but if the patterns hold, they are going to start scratching my car, stealing from me, messing with my food, and putting a lot of workload and more pressure on me. After a while the women will ignore me, and the men will start feeling sorry for me as if something happened. The gas lighting is continuous until I lose sleep and start calling in. I get maybe a week's worth of break before they start again.  

I am NOT interested in dating coworkers. I view these people as inhuman for treating me like this. I give them my best and this is how they treat me?

Do you think that I have a case if I reported my managers to ethics? I think it might escalate further. 


I also have had a lot of car problems recently. My first car failed me at least 3 times. I had to get it towed 3 times this year during all of this harassment. I had to buy a new car and it is already giving me engine problems. My mechanic checked the car earlier and said it was fine. I think they are making sure that it costs me money to be single. 

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    Have you sought professional help for your paranoia? As another answer said, if it’s happening at multiple place sit isn’t them, it’s you. 

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    It's something you are doing if 2 different work places have the same issues. 

    These are coworkers,  so many people assume they are 'friends', which they are not. Don't share personal information with them.  They have no obligation to you for anything.   You are there to work,  be professional.  

    They aren't even acquaintances, stop involving or trying to involve them in your life.  Focus on your work. That's what you are there for. 

    The car isn't even part of the work issue.  No need to post it as if it's their fault. 

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    It's time to call your psychiatrist.  You may need your meds changed.

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    sure … stay  the  course … work  twice  as  hard  as  you  been  doing … and  stop  complaining.

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