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Why do I feel as if nothing that humans do actually has meaning?

When I hear bad news or see someone upset about something big or small, I'm sympathetic, but there's a part of me that doesn't care one bit because it feels as if whatever is going on doesn't actually matter. I've had this feeling since I was a kid that I'm waiting for something, something big that I can't see. I feel that we're all just waiting, biding our time, screwing around in the pregame lobby if you will. I mean think about it, we're all just a speck of dust in an infinite amount of space, worrying about spilled coffee or whatever another human being said to us. Why do we care so much? It's a strange feeling, this waiting, and I wish I had word to describe it. It's not religious, else the answer would be just that I'm waiting for the rapture, or whatever you want to call it; but that just isn't the feeling. How can I explain it, it's like waiting for your dad to pick you up after basketball or hockey with the sun setting fast. Just the wait; or for a restaurant to open and you're 15 minutes early. Thing is, those situations are easy to describe because there's an object. Waiting for: "dad" or "restaurant." For me it's just waiting. Just those 15 minutes. Muscles tensed to act when times up, just waiting to do whatever it is that's after the wait. It's been this way since I was a kid, and I'm curious to see if another soul could help me figure it out. Thanks.


I appreciate the info that you all shared with me, though they all followed a similar train of thought. Certainly I'm apathetic, but there are a lot of assumptions made rather than ideas that could solve my problem. I'm quite poor, I work at a subway to pay my rent and school, and eat the food provided by my work. Whether or not I'm poor or jaded by money isn't the source of my question, rather it's the fact that poverty doesn't matter; I don't mind. Perhaps what I'm searching for is nihilism.

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    Have fun and enjoy life.

    It is very short.

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    I to feel this way its like we are all ants just running around and then we die

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    Are you my soulmate by any kind of universal accident?

    That's exactly what I was discussing with my best friend.

    I could careless either and I am just a dot in infinity I don't matter either across space and time.

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    You are apathetic and misguided by the real world. If you struggled in life and grew up in a poor family then you would appreciate life as we know it. 

    You can only learn more out of life if you stepped out of your rich lofty comfort zone and see the real world is full of beauty, faith, and optimism.

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     "Why do we care so much?" I'm pretty sure that the best answer to this kind of question is psychiatric rather than philosophical but for what it's worth I'll mention that there are schools of thought, like Stoicism, Buddhism, and Taoism, that say caring too much is counter-productive Maybe the Christian religion too. I'll give you an example that illustrates this. Suppose a guy has a hobby - target practice with a gun or bow and arrow. He's pretty good at it but then somebody offers him a huge cash prize if he can hit a target, and that puts his game off. He cares too much and he's not as good a shot. 

    I said maybe the Christian religion too. I hear Christians say we're not supposed to worry because God is always looking out for us.

    But then maybe what you're looking for is therapy for a psychological problem. If that's the case, I've written many answers with advice from experts and you're welcome to click on my name and read. I have info about treatments and getting help. You can take a depression screening test, like CESD R, or KADS 6-Item if you're a teenager,


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    Well its probably because you think that there is only one you and billions others so you feal like you cannot do anything about it so your sad but not to sad because you know you cannot do anything. But like you said it is hard to explain as there is no word for it just a fealing. But when your one earth you feal like you here for a reason and have somwthing to do maybe thats why and so take pride and care about what happens even if it does not mean anything. People care like why am i responding because i want to awnser questions so while you might not mean much to the people around you you proably do like freinds family or even your neighborhood.This might be a bad explanation but this is what i think about it.

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    when you think about the evolution of man, it's pretty impressive. evolution is a slow, arduous process, but what are you bringing to the party besides negativity? get out there and invent something that will take civilization forward a step or two. 

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    I feel like things need to be experienced, and so we're here to do it

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