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If anything shouldnt Floyd Mayweather be ranked the #1 pound for pound fighter in the world 🌎?

Currently Canelo Alvarez is ranked the number 1 pound for pound fighter in the world. But Floyd Mayweather 'easily' beat him. Floyd still remains active, fast, and dangerous, and i honestly dont see anyone beating him right now including Manny Pacquiao who is still a very big threat in boxing recently beating Keith Thurman.


@Addax, Floyd Mayweather has never said he was "officialy retired" (He takes breaks from time to time but thats different)...and recently hes been talking about making a comeback. And i dont mean so much ranked number 1 in the official rankings, i mean ranked number 1 in the eyes of the boxing fans.

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    Mayweather is retired, so he doesn't have a rank for current active boxers.

    No one gives a **** what Mayweather says, he says a lot of stupid ****, he is retired.

    Second in the eyes of the fans Mayweather is a cheat who bought out the judges, so he isn't numbers 1 anyways.

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    Mayweather would not fight  Manny Pacquiao for years, he ducked him, until Many developed a bad shoulder, then Mayweather wanted to fight him. I would bet that Mayweather would not fight  Manny Pacquiao today.

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    Not at the moment cos he's not active anymore. I think no 1 p4p at the moment is either Canelo or Lomachenko. I haven't seen enough of Crawford to voice an opinion. Regarding Mayweather u should remember that Paq fought that fight basically with one shoulder. He was denied a painkilling injection that he thought he would be allowed to have on the night of the fight. That's partly why the fight was so disappointing 

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    He’s a rotten Nìgger.. 

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  • Mier
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    Floyd Mayweather fans are some of the most stupid fans I’ve ever seen in boxing. They’re usually extremely racist idiot black fans too for the most part. Floyd IS NOT AN ACTIVE FIGHTER IN BOXING. He hasn’t even fought a real boxer since 2015 that was Andre Berto. He fought Mcgregor who’s an MMA fighter and a 20 year old  Japanese midget since in an exhibition. 

    If he wants to give a 30 year old Canelo a rematch to become p4p #1 again at his age 43,  then he should but of course we already know he won’t because he’s always been risk averse . 

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    2 months ago

    "@Addax, Floyd Mayweather has never said he was "officialy retired"

    That's BS, he's been retired for years, don't argue when people give you an answer, say "Oh I didn't realize, THANKS" and then revise the question

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